Lifepak CR Plus | SERVICE AGREEMENT | Electrodes & Battery

175 ex. tax

The price + VAT is the annual amount for this service agreement and will be charged once a year. When you purchase a defibrillator, it is your responsibility to replace the battery and electrodes when these spare parts for the defibrillator expire. It is required to replace them in a timely manner so that your defibrillator is always functional and ready for use.

This service agreement is ONLY valid for a LIFEPAK CR+ Defibrillator and is applicable for 12 months, automatically renewing unless the agreement is terminated.

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With a service agreement for your new or existing defibrillator, the Cardiocare Service Center handles the system registration of expiration dates, shipping, and costs for the essential spare parts. Also, if the defibrillator is used for a life-saving emergency, Cardiocare will provide the spare parts free of charge.

This service agreement can only be purchased if the battery and electrodes are less than 1 year old.

If the vital components are older than 1 year, please contact us to inquire about the options for obtaining a service agreement.