Cardiocare – Experts in Defibrillators and Accessories.

At Cardiocare, you’ll find a wide range of professional defibrillators and defibrillator accessories. Our many years of expertise guarantee peace of mind when you shop with us. We are approved by the Danish Medicines Agency and are always ready to assist you.

A defibrillator is crucial for saving a person’s life in the event of cardiac arrest. Every single day, year-round, someone experiences cardiac arrest, and half of these cases occur outside of or far from a hospital. That’s why our defibrillators play a vital role in saving lives every day. Scientifically, it has been proven that the more defibrillators are available in both public and private areas, the greater the chance of saving the life of the next person who experiences cardiac arrest. Time is critical when a person collapses from cardiac arrest, and the sooner they receive assistance from a defibrillator, the greater the chances of saving their life. We carry a wide selection of defibrillators, cabinets, kits, and accessories.