IPAD™ SP1 AED Package with Indoor Mount

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The revolutionary IPAD SP1 AED Semi-Automatic Defibrillator from CU Medical is designed with ease of use in mind, making it accessible even to individuals with limited medical training. One of its standout features is the unique child button, which simplifies the process of adapting the device for pediatric use. This feature ensures that the IPAD SP1 can be used effectively on both adults and children, providing appropriate treatment based on the patient’s age and needs.

Furthermore, the IPAD SP1 includes a clear and user-friendly voice guide that offers step-by-step instructions in a concise and understandable manner. This voice guide plays a crucial role in guiding rescuers through the critical steps of responding to a cardiac arrest emergency.

Here’s how the IPAD SP1 assists in a cardiac emergency:

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR): The IPAD SP1 will prompt the user on when to initiate CPR. CPR is a vital component of aiding a person experiencing cardiac arrest as it helps maintain oxygen circulation to the brain and vital organs until defibrillation can be administered.

Electrode Placement: The device provides clear instructions on where to place the adhesive electrodes on the patient’s chest. Correct electrode placement is crucial for the accurate analysis of the heart rhythm and the delivery of a potentially life-saving shock.

Shock Delivery: The IPAD SP1 continuously monitors the patient’s heart rhythm and will only advise delivering a shock if it detects a shockable rhythm, such as ventricular fibrillation. When it’s time to deliver the shock, the device will provide clear guidance on how to do so safely and effectively.

In summary, the IPAD SP1 AED is designed to be user-friendly, even for individuals without extensive medical training. Its unique child button ensures versatility in responding to both adult and pediatric cardiac emergencies. The clear voice guide provides real-time, easy-to-follow instructions, including when to start CPR, where to place electrodes, and when to deliver a shock. This guidance helps users confidently and effectively respond to a cardiac arrest situation, increasing the chances of saving a life.

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A Complete Package – Worry-Free

Whether you choose to store your defibrillator indoors or outdoors, Cardiocare Scandinavia has a solution that suits your needs. We have put together an Indoor Defibrillator Package, which not only offers a more complete solution when you decide to acquire a defibrillator but also makes it easy for you to choose the right configuration.

This indoor package includes a wall mount with a Velcro strap and a protective, custom-made carrying case for the defibrillator. When you order a defibrillator package, you also enter into a service agreement that covers consumables and continues until you choose to cancel it. This ensures that the defibrillator is always ready and well-maintained for use.

Delivered ready for use, including manual, EKG reading, and a 5-year warranty.

Dimensions: B26 x L25.6 x H7 cm.

Weight: 2.4 kg (including battery and electrodes).