IPAD™ SP1 AED Package with Indoor Rotaid Cabinet

1 475 ex. tax

Comes ready for use, including a manual, EKG readout, and a 5-year warranty.

Dimensions: W26 x L25.6 x H7 cm.

Weight: 2.4 kg (including battery and electrodes).

The package includes the following products:

1 x IPAD SP1 AED with an orange carrying case.

1 x ROTAID SOLID indoor

1 x First aid kit – Cabinet, disposable razor, cleansing wipes, gloves.

1 x AED sign with instructions in A3 size.

1 x Sticker sheet with AED stickers in various sizes.”



Whether you choose to store your defibrillator indoors or outdoors, Cardiocare Scandinavia has a solution to suit your needs. We have assembled an Outdoor Defibrillator Package, providing a more comprehensive solution when acquiring a defibrillator, and making it easy for you to choose the right configuration.

This indoor package includes a ROTAID Plus indoor cabinet made of durable plastic, along with a protective, molded carrying case for the defibrillator. When ordering a defibrillator package, you also enter into a service agreement that runs until canceled, as it is crucial to ensure that the defibrillator is always ready and properly maintained for use.


The revolutionary IPAD SP1 AED Semi-Automatic Defibrillator from CU Medical is user-friendly with its unique child button and clear voice guide. Our IPAD SP1 will guide you on when to perform Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), where to place the electrodes on the chest, and when to deliver a shock to a person experiencing cardiac arrest.